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#411 Im Schwitzkasten [Mr. Bo]

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John and Melanie share a romantic dance at the bar. Mel asks John to walk her home and the enchantment continues. He is amazed at Mel's tiny, magical apartment. Eight square feet of cozy, safe, charming bliss - a transformed service elevator, no less! John loves it.

The next day in the staff meeting, Richard assigns Ally a new client: a PR firm being sued for firing its fat receptionist, allegedly just because she was fat. Ally protests, doesn't want the case, but Richard sees dollars and that's that. Richard also announces that he's signed the gang up for a charity twist contest at the bar. Even Chubby Checker (no, he's not dead!) will be there! Elaine soon embarks on a personal quest to win in order to prove her merit to the others.

John visits Mel at work just as she is singing "Mr. Bojangles" to her class. As the song ends, one young boy asks when they can go visit Mr. Bo again. Mel says she'll find out, then explains to John that Mr. Bo is a harmless homeless man that she took her class to visit once. The school did not appreciate the field trip and has since banned Mr. Bo. Of course John's interest is piqued, so Mel offers to introduce him.

Ally is surprised to discover that her dreaded client is a beautiful female, who admits that the fired receptionist was not attractive enough to effectively do her job. Ally is stunned by this ugly point of view and pleads with Richard to reassign the case. Ling points out that "back when Ally was attractive" she didn't mind being judged on beauty. Grrrrr. In court, the plaintiff, Jessica, recounts the rude questions she was subjected to in the office, such as "Are you retaining water?" Ally argues - against her will - that in public relations, first impressions are crucial. Consequently, the first person people see in a PR firm should make them feel confident about the firm and its staff. Nice recovery!

John is pleased to meet Mr. Bo, who is very protective of Melanie (and kinda stinky). But he's not pleased when Mr. Bo starts stalking him! Bo knows stealth. He shows up at the office. He gives John menacing looks on the street. Mel assures a panicked John she'll take care of it, but when Mr. Bo ambushes him in the Unisex, John has him arrested! Needless to say, Mel is upset. So much so that John drops the charges. Later, Mel reluctantly admits that Mr. Bo is actually her father.

Meanwhile, the twist contest has the office in knots. Elaine accuses Richard of assigning Mark a case so that he's too busy to rehearse. Ally has enlisted Larry's help, not to win, but to upstage Ling. And Ling, a self-proclaimed twist champion, has hired Nelle a hottie dance instructor.

Ally, still troubled over her case, asks Larry his advice. He is nonplussed by the idea of a company hiring people based on looks. In fact, he says, Cage/Fish is known for hiring attractive female lawyers. Uh, say what? Ally is livid and goes to Richard demanding answers. Richard's unique rationale is that people hate lawyers, clients think lawyers are only out to screw them, so why not get screwed by a beautiful woman? Ally channels her anger into a brilliant closing argument about how today's world is all screwed up, but we live in it nonetheless. And even if we don't want to believe people are judged on their looks, they are. (Hence, the plastic surgery industry.) The jury concurs. Ally wins. A bittersweet victory, to say the least.

John is still trying to grasp the fact that Mr. Bo is Mel's father. She's embarrassed, but not ashamed. She's tried to help him, but the pressures of ordinary life are too much for him. Ironically, on the street he feels like a someone. She's stopped trying to deprive him of that. John understands and goes to see Mr. Bo. They find common ground in their love for Melanie - and Mr. Bo challenges John to a wrestling match. Next thing John knows he's being tossed around like a mixed salad. Bam! Pinned to the ground, John taps out. He apparently has just earned Mr. Bo's ultimate respect and approval (but Mr. Bo still calls him "The Toad").

The twisted end to the story? Elaine kicks Chubby butt in the twist competition!

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