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#520 Durchgeknallt [All of me]

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The firm finds itself in a pinch when a woman with split personalities, Helen and Helena, seeks representation. Helen, a sweet woman who adores her husband, has been taken over by Helena, a sterner woman who adamantly wants a divorce. Helena asks Fish and Liza to represent her while Helen, whose personality emerges in the unisex restroom, asks Ally for help.

Ally convinces Cage to return to the firm to help with this difficult case. Fish and Liza square off against Ally and Cage, each fighting for their respective clients' wishes. Ultimately, Ally and Cage win the case, allowing the husband to medicate Helena so Helen emerges as the dominant personality. Unfortunately, the medication backfires and Helena emerges instead, distinguishing Helen forever.

John and Ally represent a man (Brown) being divorced by Helena, one of his wife's (Sedgewick) split personalities although the other, Helen, adores him and wants to remain married. The final outcome of the case is a shocker for everyone. Richard finds Liza's soft side and it unnerves her. Ally celebrates her 32nd birthday with a party.

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