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#514 Gute Gene, Schlechte Gene [Homecoming]

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When Ally is having nightmares about Maddie not being her daughter, she insists they take a DNA test to prove that Maddie is in fact from her seed. Maddie becomes visibly upset when Ally continues to press for the test and begins to think that her future with Ally is hinging on it. Maddie decides to run back to Boston but is quickly shoveled back by her aunt Bonnie. Maddie and Ally have it out, and Ally assures her that no matter what the test results, she'll continue to love and keep her. The results finally do come back and it's confirmed that Ally is Maddie's genetic mother.

Also, in Ally's house, a woman named Helen comes to visit looking for a Vincent Graves, her former lover and the dead man who previously owned Ally's house. Ally tries to convince her that her lover is dead, but when she sees Victor, Helen is convinced that Vincent is him. Victor plays along, knowing that the woman is suffering from dementia. Helen later suffers a stroke and dies, but Victor takes solace in the fact that he brought a little joy to an old woman's life before the end.

Fish meanwhile, represents a man who is suing his three best friends for a high school prank that has left him loveless his whole life. Claire realizes that Fish took the case because he too has been left jaded from a bad high school situation. It turns out that Fish lost his virginity to a girl named Gerry Bird, but right after it happened, she cheated on him. Claire convinces Fish to see Gerry and face his demons. When they arrive at Gerry's house, Fish is shocked to see that she's had a sex change and is now a man.

Because Jenny and Glen left the firm, Ally is in need of another lawyer. She asks Raymond to show the firm and he gladly accepts, knowing that he'll never have as much fun being a lawyer as he would at Cage, Fish and McBeal.

Ally submits to a DNA test to make sure she is Maddie's mother. A woman (Knight) believes Victor (Bon Jovi) to be her long-lost lover, Vincent Graves, which he doesn't deny. A man (Clemenson) seeks legal revenge for a high school prank committed by 3 schoolmates 25 years ago which he claims has ruined his chances for a stable relationship. Richard bemoans the loss of his first love and Claire comes to the rescue.

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