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#503 Die drei Muskeltiere [Neutral Corners]

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The phone company lawsuit begins to linger as they offer a settlement that Jenny deems unacceptable while Ally and Glenn feel it's the beginning of the end. Unable to convince Jenny to settle, Ally decides to create a Public Service Announcement about the phone companies' harassment. They show the P.S.A. to the opposing counsel and are subsequently offered a $15 million settlement, the biggest in the firms history and enough to bring Richard to tears.

John comes back from a week at a spa only now he's wearing Corretta's muscle suit. Despite turning heads and receiving numerous compliments, he abandons the idea because he feels ridiculous. Instead, he finally gives in and professes his true love for Ally. Unfortunately for John though, she doesn't reciprocate by telling him she's not "physically" attracted to him.

After the settlement, Glenn visits Ally in her office and professes that he's interested in her as well. They both weigh the implications of their could-be affair especially concerning Jenny. Nothing is decided, but the tension remains in the air.

Glenn talks Jenny and Ally into accepting a settlement in the telephone solicitation case. Claire (Everage/Humphries) makes a video for the firm against the phone companies. The firms throw a party for the departing Judge Ling. John and Ally have a heart-to-heart talk.

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