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5. Staffel

5.01 [Friends and Lovers]

5.02 [Judge Ling]

5.03 [Neutral Corners]

5.04 [Fear of Flirting]

5.05 [I Want Love]

5.06 [Lost and Found]

5.07 [Nine One One]

5.08 [Playing With Matches]

5.09 [Blowin' in the Wind]

5.10 [One Hundred Tears]

5.11 [A Kick in the Head]

5.12 [The New Day]

5.13 [Woman]

  • Please Mr. Postman (The Carpenters), performed by Vonda Shepard and the Ikettes
  • I'm A Woman (Leiber/Stoller), performed by Jane Krakowski and Renee Goldsberry, lip-synched by Lucy Liu and Portia de Rossi
  • I'm A Woman (Leiber/Stoller), performed by Renee Goldsberry, lip-synched by Portia de Rossi
  • Confetti (Vonda Shepard), performed by Vonda Shepard
  • Like a Virgin (Madonna)
  • I'm A Woman (Leiber/Stoller), performed by Jane Krakowski, Vonda Shepard and Dame Edna Everage, lip-synched by Lucy Liu and Portia de Rossi
  • The Glory Of Love (Benny Goodman), performed by Vonda Shepard

5.14 [Homecoming]

5.15 [Heart and Soul]

5.16 [Love Is All Around]

5.17 [Tom Dooley]

  • Tom Dooley (Kingston Trio), performed by Peter MacNicol & the Mariachi Band
  • M.T.A. (Kingston Trio), performed by Peter MacNicol, Heather Locklear, & the Mariachi Band
  • Tom Dooley (Kingston Trio), performed by Vonda Shepard

5.18 [Another One Bites the Dust]

  • Always and Forever (Heatwave), performed by Vonda Shepard
  • [Pop Song -- anybody recognize this one?? from the first scene at Liza's house... let me know...]
  • Dancing Queen (ABBA)

5.19 [What I'll Never Do For Love]

5.20 [All Of Me]

5.21 [Bygones]


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