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#521 Goodbye Ally [Bygones]

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On what seemed like a normal day in the office, Ally comes waltzing in to the conference room - adorning a short, short mini-skirt, and announces to everyone that she's leaving the firm and moving to New York. Once the initial shock wears off, it's revealed that Maddie is suffering from stress by not being close to her friends from home and it's literally killing her.

At the same time of this shocking announcement, comes another when Fish tells the group that he and Liza are getting married. Ally tells everyone that she's leaving immediately so Fish makes sure that the wedding is pushed to the following night, so she can attend.

Once word gets out of Ally's departure, old friends begin coming out of the woodwork. Renee comes back to say goodbye as well as Georgia and Billy's ghost. The wedding goes off without a hitch as Barry White makes an appearance as a gift from Nelle to the bride and groom.

In the end, Ally says her heartfelt goodbyes to the group. She says bye to John Cage last and tells him she'll miss him most of all. The party continues on, but the spirit of the firm is gone forever.

A tearful series finale as several former cast members return including a visit from Billy (Bellows). Peer pressure forces Maddie to struggle at school and at home leading Ally to make some major decisions about her future and the welfare of her daughter as she decides to quit the law firm and move to New York. The other lawyers at Cage, Fish and McBeal go through some changes of their own with the marriage of Richard and Liza. The Reverend (Reiner) displays an odd quirk of his own.

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