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#519 Auf Schürzenjagd [What I'll Never Do For Love]

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Fish puts his pursuit of Liza on the back burner when his dad, Charlie, asks him to defend him in a sexual harassment case. Charlie fired his secretary after realizing he was in love with her, and she retaliated by filing for sexual harassment. When Fish's mother, Ellen finds out about the suit, she threatens to divorce her husband. Ultimately, Liza and Fish help Charlie out of the suit and a lessened cash payment, while getting the couple back together. Fish also realizes that he no longer looks at Liza as merely a sexual object, but someone who could actually fall in love with. After the trial, while walking home, Fish confesses his epiphany to Liza and they go home together.

Meanwhile, Elaine tries out for "A Chorus Line" but isn't called back because of her inexperience. She further endangers her chances by sleeping with the director. Nelle convinces the director to give Elaine another tryout. Elaine performs beautifully, but still doesn't get the part. She can at least take solace in the fact that she gave it her all.

Richard puts his pursuit of Liza on hold while she defends his father (Kimbrough) in a sexual harrassment case and Liza notices that father and son are very much alike. Richard professes his love for Liza. Elaine auditions for an off-Broadway revival of 'A Chorus Line', playing in Boston. Nelle goes to bat for Elaine whose first try doesn't get a call back to a second audition. Ally stays home to nurse Maddie who is sick.

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