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#518 [Another One Bites The Dust]

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Ally and Victor return from their Bermuda trip miserable that they weren't able to connect; they realize they have little in common without Maddie. Ally becomes needlessly jealous when Victor's ex-girlfriend Sheila gets back in the picture. Sheila doesn't have romance on his mind - she's suing Victor for breach of contract.

Unbeknownst to Ally, Victor paints nude pictures of women and failed to finish a number of paintings for Sheila's gallery. Victor gives Ally a portrait he painted of her, but instead of being flattered, Ally is upset that her buttocks were depicted asymmetrically. To make matters worse, Sheila tells Ally that Victor has butt fetish and likes women with cellulite.

Meanwhile, Fish has become attracted to Liza, but she plays hard to get. Claire has her own designs on Fish and she's not making it a secret. Plus, Wilson helps a client who is suing to have his ex-girlfriend return the tape of their lovemaking.

Victor is sued by an art gallery owner (Williams) when he doesn't supply the amount of paintings per year according to the terms of their contract. Ally represents Victor but runs into a personal conflict as the plaintiff is also Victor's ex-girlfriend. Claire helps Richard woo Liza although Liza likes to play hard to get. Wilson and Nelle team up again as the plaintiff from the last episode (Pankow) is now thier client and is being blackmailed by his former lover secretary (Kohl) who has a tape of their sexual encounter. Victor and Ally agree to separate for awhile.

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