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#517 Viva La Diva [Tom Dooley]

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As Ally leaves for a vacation in Bermuda, Cage hires Liza as the newest associate and offers her his office, but only so he can spy on her. Nelle instantly wages a was of words with Liza, who not so discreetly informs the firm that Nelle's real name is Morgan. Liza also brings another associate to the firm, Wilson, a handsome young attorney who instantly makes the women melt.

For her first case, Liza defends Nicole (Heather Locklear), a bigamist who is married to two men who accept the arrangement. While still on sabbatical, Cage returns to help with the case and finds himself drawn to Nicole. But Cage rebuffs her advances when he realizes he could easily be seduced into becoming her third husband. Cage does win the case for her however, and saves her from any jail time.

Meanwhile, Wilson asks Nelle to help with a case that involves a wife suing her husband for sexual harassment. Nelle and Wilson hit it off with their collective icy-cool demeanors and make a good team that ultimately wins their client a large settlement.

amcb-faq: John hires Liza and even offers her his office. John and Liza represent a eccentric bigamist (Locklear), who asks John to be the third man in her life. Although he is drawn to her, he declines. The case turns compilcated with the testimony of an ex-girlfriend of the defendant, a witness (Flynn Boyle) for the prosecution. Claire is attracted to the new attorney (Cannavale) hired by Liza. Wilson and Nelle play bad lawyer/good lawyer in a case regarding a man (Pankow) who sexually humiliates his wife.

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