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#515 Herzschmerz [Heart and Soul]

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A 16-year-old girl with cardiomyopathy asks Fish to petition a judge to allow her father, who's in prison for murdering her mother, to donate his heart to save her. Once the case goes to court, the girl's aunt says she fears that the donation would make her father noble, and that's the last thing he deserves. Before the judge has the chance to rule however, the girl's father escapes and kills himself in a hospital, ensuring that his daughter will get his heart.

Meanwhile, Maddie is suspended from school for smoking in the bathroom. It turns out though, that she doesn't smoke, but wanted to get caught so she would be suspended for father/daughter day at school. Ally offers to go with her in her father's stead. Also, with Maddie's urging, Ally finally musters up the courage to ask Victor out. He accepts, but just before their date, Ally becomes overwhelmed with grief over her failed relationship with Larry. Victor instead comes over to the house, cooks Ally dinner, calms her nerves and falls asleep with her on the couch.

Richard petitions Judge Walsh (Hall) to allow a man (Beckel), serving time for murdering his wife, to donate his heart to his daughter (Johnson), who is dying and in need of a heart transplant. Maddie insists Ally go out on a date with Victor, who later calls Ally a 'elitist' for her remarks about their compatibility. Maddie is caught smoking at school but it is just a ruse by Maddie to avoid 'Father-Daughter' day at school.

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