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#513 Wenn Köpfe rollen... [Woman]

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Ally, in her new position as partner, continues to fret over who to fire at work. Nelle is the most concerned because of her past rigidity towards Ally. Ally asks each associate to meet with her individually and she ends up firing Jenny. Jenny breaks down and when Glenn comes to defend her, Ally fires Glenn as well. Realizing her mistake, Ally asks Glenn to come back, but he and Jenny decide instead to open their own firm: "Foy & Shaw."

Richard meanwhile takes on a case to defend Claire Otoms (the eccentric woman with the Colonial home). She was fired for sexual harassment. Richard ends up losing the case, but his stature as a litigator continues to improve. He also decides to hire Claire as an administrative assistant. Also at the firm, Ally tells Nelle that she's not fired but that she needs to become a member of the team. This means singing in the bar. Nelle turns to Ling for help - who is going through a "nice" trend. Ling and Nelle devise a plan to lip sync the song, but is mortified when at the last minute, Claire steps in to sing.

When Ally goes home from work, Maddie is having a slumber party. Fortunately for Ally, Victor once again takes care of all the details and ensures the party goes off without a hitch. Ally is again in his debt, but before they can share a bottle of wine while winding down, Ally passes out on the couch.

Ally feels remorse in having to dismiss Jenny for monetary reasons. Glenn convinces Jenny to start their own law firm. Richard represents Claire Otoms (Everage), who is fired for sexual harrassment for making passes at the male employees of her company. Nelle makes her singing debut at the bar with the assistance of Ling, making a cameo appearance, and Claire. Maddie wants to have a sleepover and Ally is leery of the idea.

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