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#512 Chef-Sache [Brand New Day]

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The big news…Fish announces that Cage has left the firm, only to return on big cases. The firm is up in arms as to who will make partner. When Fish offers the partnership to Ally, Nelle is furious. Ally is hesitant to accept the position at first due to the recent acquisition of her genetic daughter Maddie. She does accept however and immediately starts going over the books to find what problems the firm is having. It turns out that they've been losing money and Fish has been paying salaries out of pocket because he's unable to fire anyone. Ally says she'll handle the responsibility, leaving Nelle concerned for her job.

Meanwhile, back at home, Ally becomes an overprotective mom and is driving Maddie crazy. In only a few days, Ally has created an uproar at Maddie's school and fired Maddie's baby-sitter. Luckily, Ally has Victor, who's been acting like a buffer and calming the house down. He takes on more then just a plumber role and offers to baby-sit for Maddie. Ally eventually winds down and starts trying to relate to Maddie on her level, creating at least a semblance of harmony in the household.

Ally begins a new chapter in her life when John informs Richard that he wishes to leave the firm and only return to work on the big cases. Richard makes Ally partner and while going over the books, she learns the firm is actually losing money and that Richard has been paying everyone out of his own pocket, forcing her to cut staff and restructure the firm. Ally becomes overbearing as a new mom when it comes to her new daughter's education which drives Maddie crazy. Coretta faces Raymond in a wrongful dismissal/discrimination case whereby a lawyer (Campbell), suffering from AIDS, is fired from her place of employment when her illness becomes known.

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