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#511 Kinderüberraschung [A Kick In The Head]

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While fixing up her house, Ally gets a late-night visitor at her door. Maddie, a 10-year-old girl stands at the door and inquires whether Ally is Ally McBeal. Upon confirmation, Maddie gives Ally the surprise of her life, she's Ally's daughter. After passing out, Ally comes to, and the next day, immediately goes to a fertility clinic. Evidently, she harvested some eggs for an infertility study and they were accidentally implanted in a woman without Ally being notified - leaving her with a genetic daughter. Maddie's aunt, Bonnie, comes to Boston to reclaim her and meets with Ally. Ally forces them both to spend the night in her home because she wants to get to know Maddie. Ally realizes that Bonnie's nightclub singing career is taking off and forcing her to not give as much time to Maddie as she needs. Ally tells Bonnie that she wants Maddie to stay with her because she'll be able to take care of her better. Thus adding a new addition to her new "housed" life.

At the firm, Richard's new serious outlook on life brings him back into the court room. This time though, he's defending a murder trial. John is highly skeptical of Richard's litigation abilities and causes a rift in their relationship. He tells Richard that he's a lousy lawyer when Richard tries to admit into evidence a photo of the victim with a soccer ball painted over her head. Eventually, the two are able to work together and get the man off on a temporary insanity plea. John later apologizes and they reconcile over the tough yet hard-fought court victory.

Ally's life takes a wild and unexpected turn as she learns she has a daughter (Panettiere), who was born from an egg Ally had frozen when she was in college but were used accidentally by another couple, and now that her father died 6 months earlier, the girl seeks out her true biological mother. Victor (Bon Jovi) lends moral support and wisdom to Maddie in this trying time. John doesn't feel Richard has the capability to be first chair in representing a man who kicked his wife to death although Richard is confident he can win. A lawyer turned singer (Pietz), playing a gig at the bar thanks to help from Elaine, has found a new gimmick in her stage show - singing old tv show themes.

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