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#510 Sturzflug [One Hundred Tears]

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Walking to work with Elaine, Ally sees a construction worker bending over. Seemingly unconscious - or dog like - Ally moves over and sniffs his butt. Shocked at herself, Ally runs away in embarrassment, but not before recognizing the worker: Victor (Jon Bon Jovi) and having him ask her if he could smell her next. Later, Ally apologizes and it's clear that they both have feelings for one another.

At the office, Harriet Pumple (Nell Carter) is hired to help the lawyers find dates. She fixes Richard up with an elderly woman (for her waddle), and sets up Elaine with - Victor. John on the other hand, wants nothing to do with the matchmaker and disregards it as pathetic. Richard then confides in John that they've both reached a stage in their lives where they need to figure out what it is they're missing.

Ally meanwhile, takes a case about a man, Mr. Hall, who thinks he can fly. He hires Ally because he thinks she's a flyer as well. At first, Ally thinks he's crazy, but he convinces her otherwise and gets her to allow him one last jump off the house he continues to break into. Ally convinces the owner of the house to allow him one last jump. Mr. Hall, equipped with man-made wings, flies off the roof and over a creak. Ecstatic that his lifelong goal has been accomplished, Mr. Hall jumps up and down, but suddenly has a heart attack and dies. Ally feels responsible, but Mr. Hall's sister assures her that she's never seen him happier and it's because of Ally that he was liberated of his lifelong obsession with flight.

The series' 100th episode sees Ally represent a man (Regalbuto) who keeps breaking into his childhood home and jumping out his bedroom window to prove he can fly in a touching story that reflects Ally's childhood. She also uses her childhood tactic to befriend Victor (Bon Jovi). John ridicules Richard, Elaine and Coretta for joining Pumple's (Carter) matchmaking service.

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