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#509 Hausaufgaben [Blowin' in the Wind]

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While walking alone, Ally's hat flies off her head and catches in the wind. It finally falls to earth and lands on a "for sale" sign outside a house. She takes the action as a sign and decides to venture inside. The house is in shambles, but all Ally sees is potential. She buys the house which leads everyone at the firm to think she's crazy.

Meanwhile, at the firm, Jenny wakes up with severe neck problems. Corretta secretly gives her the number of her "special" chiropractor. When Jenny visits, she finds out why it was such a secret as the chiropractor's electric massage chair causes her to have an orgasm. She returns to the office, glowing, which leads Glenn to be suspicious of her whereabouts. Once the rest of the ladies at the office indulge in the chair, it sparks a debate as to whether having sex with a chair is cheating or not.

Back at Ally's new home, Richard offers to help her fix it up. They strip the paint, sand the furniture and start turning the house into a home. Because everyone feels Ally has totally lost it by buying the house, Richard is yet again the voice of reason and commends Ally for being able to do something so bold. Ally's other house incentive is the man sent over to check if the building meets all specifications and codes. Victor (Jon Bon Jovi) tells Ally her pipes are shot, but at least the electricity is good. Ally is instantly enamored by Victor and he seems to feel the same.

While Ally is off at court, Richard brings the firm together and tells them that they are going to finish restoring Ally's house. They even buy her a coat rack which Ally felt symbolized "home" as a feeling. When Ally gets out of court, she walks to her new home expecting to do some work. When she arrives, the house is totally finished. She hangs her coat up, sits on the floor and soaks in the newest chapter of her life.

Ally buys an old house to turn into her dream home and meets a new beau when the bank sends over a contractor (Bon Jovi) to bring it up to code. Ally represents a man (Stewart) whose wife (Riebling) is suing him for buying her so many gifts he has bankrupted them and wants to see him jailed. Jenny visits Coretta's chiropractor (Adsit) whose vibrating chair has gained quite a reputation around the office.

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