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#508 Kuppelversuche [Playing With Matches]

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With Francis' (Jacqueline Bissett) wedding on the horizon, Richard continues to covet her and tries to get her to have a fling. Meanwhile, her fiancé Tim hits on Ally and tells her that he'd like to have an affair. Ally informs Francis of this turn of events, but it turns out that the marriage is an "open" marriage and Tim is free to do whatever he wants and likewise for her. Unfortunately for Richard, this privilege isn't afforded to friends of her daughter.

Back at the firm, Kimmy (Jami Gertz) returns and is suing Harriet (Nell Carter) the Matchmaker for being unable to find her a man. John takes the case and forces a settlement when Corretta dresses Kimmy up as a harlot and fools Harriet.

As far as Ally and love? She begins hallucinating again. This time it's in the form of a 7-year-old boy holding ice skates. The boy tells her that she's killing him. Richard deduces that the boy is Ally, or at least the part of Ally that used to believe in love, and that if she doesn't do something soon, she's going to lose the ability to love forever. She decides to let in a little and give love another chance. She goes ice skating by herself and regains the little part of her that's been missing for so long.

Mariah Carey plays a client who testifies at the trial of a matchmaking company being sued by Kimmy (Gertz) for declaring her unmatchable. Carey also sings at the bar. Frances (Bisset) prepares for her marriage to Tim, a younger man (Garrett) who subtlely hits on Ally.

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