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#507 Oh Gott, Herr Pfarrer [Nine One Nine]

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While walking home from work, Ally happens upon a cemetery where she finds a man crying by a grave. She approaches him and learns that he's a minister who's wife was shot and killed. Harrison Wyatt (Tom Berenger) tells Ally that he's been fired from his job because he no longer believes in god. He hires Ally to get his job back.

At the firm, John takes on a case where a small town mayor has cancelled the year's Christmas parade. The mayor refuses to allow the parade because of the deep recession in the economy and for the fact that the manufacturing plant in town burned down, killing several firefighters. John sues to allow the townspeople to throw their own parade and save Christmas.

Also at the firm, Glenn and Elaine practice singing for the Christmas party. When Elaine gets a tad touchy-feely, Jenny intercedes and the two get into a shoving match. When Jenny takes a swing at Elaine, she accidentally hits John instead, causing him to lash out at the firm's lack of holiday spirit.

Ally's case with Harrison isn't going well because she can't easily defend a minister who doesn't believe in god. When Ally visits his home, she finds his son Malcolm (Josh Groban), the same boy she previously had taken to the prom. Malcolm tells Ally he can no longer sing since the death of his mother and Ally realizes that this is part of the reason that Harrison can no longer believe in his own words. Ally brings father and son together as they reconcile over their loss. Ally convinces Harrison that there is something to hope for because we have souls and inspires him to get his job back and lead the midnight mass. Malcolm joins him and is able to sing again, bringing joy to the entire congregation.

John begins losing faith in humanity as it appears that no one is celebrating any longer. He's fighting for the town's parade because he feels by doing so, he's saving the human spirit itself. John winds up winning the case and the town is able to celebrate. Instead of a lavish cheerful parade, the town citizens march, single candle's in hand and pay tribute to both the holiday and those who were lost over the year.

In this touching Christmas tale of overcoming tragedy, Ally accepts a wrongful termination case dealing with the firing of a grieving minister (Berenger) who has lost his faith in God (and his job at the church) when his wife is murdered. His son is Malcolm Wyatt (Groban), Ally's singing 'prom-date' from last season, and Ally has to persuade him to sing again to lift his father's spirits. John tries to overturn a small town mayor's (Smith) decision to cancel Christmas festivities after a tragic fire devastates the town's economy.

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