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#506 Ab auf die Couch [Lost and Found]

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Ally and Glenn finally get together, only at the point of intimacy, Ally pulls back and stops him. As a result, Glenn gives her the cold shoulder at work causing her to confront him. She tells Glenn that he's merely a weigh-station until she meets the "real one." They decide to talk about their problems over dinner when Raymond overhears and arranges a double date with he and Jenny. The only problem is that everyone forgets that it's Jenny's birthday and quickly arrange the date to be about her. When Glenn gives Jenny her present however, (he sings Elvis' "You Were Always On My Mind") it's clear that he and Jenny are still in love with each other and subsequently get back together. Ally is okay with this arrangement because she realizes that there's only one man she's truly longing for: Larry.

At the firm, Richard fills in for John as lead counsel on a "black widow" type case. They represent Nancy, whose reputation for marrying rich older men and leaving them after receiving expensive engagement rings, prompts a judge to order her to stay away from men over 50. Richard and Corretta win the case, which would allow Nancy to marry her new love, only it turns out that her new love is actually a detective who suspected her of turning back to her old ways.

Also at the office, Ling continues to bask in her new role as a TV judge. This week, she decides to pose nude for the cover of Talk magazine.

Meanwhile, John returns to the firm and is incensed when he finds out that Richard "violated [his] hole." Everyone is eager to find out where he went and all relay how worried they were and how much they missed him. John realizes that the firm does in fact need him and was thrown into upheaval with Richard in charge. He also reached an epiphany and gathers the firm together to reveal his newfound enlightenment. He tells everyone that only two things in life you never forget are riding a bike and smiling. It's time for people to come back to reality and remember the things that simply make them happy.

Ally and Glenn double-date with Jenny and Raymond as John returns to find betrayal in his absence and that the secret of his hideaway is out. Richard and Coretta represent a female former con artist (McGraw) who wants to marry only rich, older men which leads to the unique ruling that she be allowed to do so despite multiple arrests for taking their money and running but she is unaware she is being set up by an undercover officer (Osborne). Judge Ling strips for a photo shoot in Lucy Liu's final regular episode.

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