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#505 Junges Gemüse [I Want Love]

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Jenny's mother Francis (Jacqueline Bissett) comes to visit and wants to hire John to represent her in a wrongful termination lawsuit. Of course John is still missing so she hires Ally and Glenn instead. It turns out that Francis was fired because she's dating and soon to be marrying a 20 year-old "boy." Ally and Glenn win the case when Ally's summation convinces the jury that age has no relevance on love. She then comes to the realization that Glenn may in fact be right for her, regardless of his age. Jenny is also won over by Ally's closing and tells her mom that she just wants her to be happy, no matter who she chooses to be happy with.

Also in court, Ling continues to spice up her court TV show by wooing interesting cases into her court room. She hears a case over music from a wedding and decides to bring the whole band into court in order to rule on the case.

At the office, Richard immediately falls for Francis because of her waddle. As he pursues her, she tells him that he's biting off more than he can chew. He begs to differ and brings her into John's hole. When she gives him a sample by kissing him, Richard falls to pieces, just as she predicted. Leaving him in her wake on the floor of the hole.

After the case, Ally and Glenn go their separate ways, even with Elton John playing in the bar. When Glenn arrives home, he's surprised to find Ally waiting for him on his doorstep. She gives him a hesitant kiss, but also realizes that living practically may be getting her nowhere.

Ally wonders about her future but refuses to date Glenn while Jenny ponders dating Raymond. Jenny's mother (Bisset) hires the firm to represent her in a wrongful termination suit and charms Richard. Elton John guest stars as himself and sings a couple of songs in the bar.

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