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#504 Auf Tauchstation [Fear Of Flirting]

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Raymond is being sued by another lawyer for sexual harassment and asks Jenny to defend him. She's put off at first, knowing that Raymond is a total pig, but when he describes why he harassed the other lawyer, she begins to turn in his favor. It turns out, like any other lawyer, Raymond uses strategy to throw off opposing counsel. This instance, he used sexual advances to get his way. The jury finds him guilty, but only makes him pay 75 cents in damages. During the case, Raymond and Jenny begin having feelings for one another, and when Glenn gives his okay for them to date, they steal a late night kiss.

Meanwhile, back at the firm, John has gone missing and no one has any idea where he is. Richard takes his absence as a reason to redecorate John's hole in his liking, adding various art work and a flat screen TV. Nelle is clearly much more concerned, but Richard blows it off as another one of John's eccentricities.

Ally continues struggling with the men in the office as well. She walks around avoiding contact with Glenn, realizing that she's growing more and more attracted to him everyday. They finally confront each other but Ally dismisses the idea of them dating to a fling or torrid affair with no future.

Raymond is sued by an opposing counsel (Barone) for sexual harrassment in the courtroom and Jenny represents him. John leaves a note saying he is taking off for awhile to reflect on events with Ally and Richard moves into his 'hole' in the Unisex. Glenn and Raymond talk over whether they should ask Ally and Jenny.

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