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#502 Kurzer Prozess [Judge Ling]

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A day before the big Class Action suit against the phone companies, Glenn and Jenny dance and sing in the bar as if nothing big is in fact on the horizon. The rest of the firm reminisces about being young as they look on with envy. Raymond joins them at their table and immediately hits on all the female members of the firm. Glenn restrains Ally from throwing a drink in his face, prompting Jenny to tell Ally that she wants Glenn. Just as the music fades out, Ally unequivocally states that she "does not want to sleep with Glenn!"

The next day on the street, Ling pretends to admire a woman's twin babies. The woman, who turns out to be the Massachusetts Governor, is so touched by Ling's praise for the babies that she appoints her to a judgeship. As a small claims judge, Ling grants no mercy to plaintiffs appearing before her. After ruling in favor of a local television station, the station manager is so impressed by her, he offers Ling her own TV show.

Back at the firm, Ally and Jenny's phone solicitation case is jeopardized when they meet their main client, Claire, an overtly eccentric older woman with purple hair. When Claire makes an unconvincing case for the lawsuit, Jenny is distraught that she didn't bother to meet Claire before naming her the main plaintiff. The judge dismisses the case, but then allows Jenny to refile the suit as a nuisance case instead.

John, still fretting over his Ally-crisis begins to ponder new ways to better himself in pursuit of Ally. Corretta offers to give him a man-makeover and creates a bodysuit for him, which emphasizes every muscle he never had.

Ling brings her own brand of justice to the bench as she is appointed to the position of small claims court judge. Ally and Jenny push forth with the case against the phone company and are aghast when they meet their key witness, Claire Otoms (Everage/Humphries).

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