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#423 Solo für Ally [The Wedding]

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Breaking up with Larry has pushed Ally's imagination into overdrive. The dancing baby is back - with a vicious little birdie. And how could Ally ponder lost loves, without thinking about Billy? She can't, so of course, he shows up for some advice, some flashbacks, a ghostly shoulder to lean on, etc.

In the office, Richard introduces his new assistant, Jane, to the not-so-accepting staff. Her admission that she's really an actress does not impress anybody. Ally's latest case will become quite meaningful. Malcolm Wyatt: 17, shy, sings in the church choir. Malcolm's Reverend has convinced him to sue a female student for breaking her promise to attend the prom with him. Malcolm's been in love with the girl since they were both nine and when she promised she'd go he wrote a special song to sing to her that night. The girl in question, Andrea, has sought legal counsel from none other than Larry Paul. When Corretta shows up in court instead of him, Ally's crest-fallen. Corretta tells Ally that Larry went back to Detroit to be near his son. (Uh, just kill her now!). Ally puts her game face on and heads in to argue Malcolm's case.

Malcolm loses his case; however, he still scores a prom date - when Ally volunteers. Of course, once Richard hears about it, he demands to go, with Jane in tow. At the same time, Richard is reevaluating the firm (you could tell by the sign around his neck that said, "Go away. I'm sad."). Jane has received such a chilly reception that he's wondering where the fun went. He and John decide to make some major staff "adjustments."

Despite a dream where Ally's at boot camp shouting "Men suck, sir!" she maintains a brave fašade. Even when her father shows up for moral support, Ally doesn't cave. At the prom, Ally can't help but remember her prom with Billy. Never the less, she and Malcolm "hustle" alongside Richard and Jane to the tunes of KC and the Sunshine Band. Later, at Ally's urging, Malcolm silences his doubting peers with a beautiful serenade. For Ally, it's as if he's singing straight to her broken heart.

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