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#421 Das Summen der Drohnen [Queen Bee]

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Well, the office is buzzing and for once Elaine had nothing to do with it. The firm's new client, Sydney Gale (guest star Christine Lahti) is causing quite a stir. Sydney considers herself a queen bee - literally. Her successful ad agency is staffed with many talented and capable men, who submit to Sydney's every need. And she means every. Which leads to her being sued for sexual harassment by a staffer who was fired when he told Sydney he'd no longer stroke her sexy ego. Before her meeting with Richard is over, he's sucking on her big toe.

While John and Richard try to focus on Sydney's case - and not her legs - Nelle and Jackson help out Reverend Newman. It seems Lisa (the musical director of the church choir) is a little bitter about their breakup. Since the Reverend's new girlfriend, Buttons (no comment), is in the choir, Lisa is taking her frustrations out musically. Huh? Jackson and Nelle attend a service to witness the "abuse" first hand.

Back in court, Sydney's disgruntled drone says he used to beg to lick her forearm, and he can't explain why. She has this unexplainable command over the entire office. While he never slept with her, some of the guys did. Other employees testify that Sydney's methods work. The office is totally efficient and the majority of the guys are content. Later in the Unisex, John runs into Sydney. She literally grabs him by the sides of his head, lifts him up to eye level and kisses him! Bzzzzzzz. John and Richard aren't the only ones who can't resist Sydney. Even the jury finds in her favor, which of course, brings the queen bee much satisfaction.

During church, Nelle and Jackson see Lisa in action. She chooses inappropriate songs and sings at Buttons instead of with her. Jackson and Nelle try to mediate, but Lisa brings an "emotional representative" who is just a big pain. Nelle finally talks to Lisa one-on-one, asking her to ease up. Then Nelle talks to the Reverend and advises him to keep his relationship with Buttons on the down-low when they are at work -as a courtesy to Lisa. The agreement seems to work. At the next service, the hymn is still emotional, but not directed at Buttons. However, Lisa runs out of church in the middle of it.

That night at the bar, John and Richard try to figure out the queen bee mystique. Is it the power that made her sexy or the sexy that made her powerful? Either way, they agree that if more women figured this thing out all men would be in big trouble.

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