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#419 Barry ... verzweifelt gesucht! [In Search of Barry White]

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Some planet must be in retrograde, because Ling is having Ally-like hallucinations. Every time Ling sees Jackson, he's moving in slow motion and it's freaking her out. Plus, every time she sees Richard, he's in high-speed motion. Ally tells Ling that it's called being in love, but Ling wants to know how to snap out of it!

Meanwhile, John prepares to take on Larry in court. John's client wants to clone his dead wife's DNA in order to have a child in her honor. Larry's client - the victim's sister - is dead set against it. John asks Ally for tips on how to throw Larry off his game, and Ally tells him to break Larry's rhythm. The plan works in initial court proceedings, but when Larry finds out about Ally's advice, he's a little peeved. Ally bets him that John will win. She must be a glutton for foot-rub punishment! Later, Ally tells John about the bet and John is pumped by the challenge of putting Larry in his place.

Back in the office, Nelle's online romance is so intense that its sparks curiosity from Nelle and Ling. While Nelle refuses to hook up Ling (because she's obviously hung up on Jackson), she gladly refers Nelle to a singles site. It's not long before Elaine is hot and heavy with an admirer from Brazil. So hot and so heavy, that Ally finds her naked in front of Ally's computer! Ling decides to bust a move and actually asks Jackson to lunch. He tells her he's booked until next week, but he'll pencil her in. (cue the Wicked Witch theme song). Ling confronts him later in the Unisex and says that she practically threw herself at him and he blew her off. Jackson is understandably confused.

In court, Larry definitely maintains the upperhand. After a disappointing day, John tells Ally that he misses his "Barry White." He hasn't had his mojo working since the Melanie breakup, and it's affecting his performance. Ally tells him to hurry up and find Barry or she'll be rubbing Larry's feet for a year! The next day, John tries every trick: the nose whistle, the buzzer, the interrupting. Nothing is working. During the lunch break, he confesses to Larry that Ally's confidence in him was what really brought on Barry. Now that Ally's got Larry, John doesn't feel like he gets any of Ally's admiration.

Ling attempts one last effort with Richard to get their passion back. She demands knee pit action, tries kissing him, even tells him they are meant for each other. Richard doesn't buy it. He knows the only person she thinks about is Jackson. Ling hates to admit it, but he's right. Off in the Unisex, Jackson and Larry see John emerge from his secret room…and he's got his groove on! Jackson and Larry join in and Barry White is back! Unfortunately, it doesn't help John in the courtroom - and Larry's client wins an injunction to stop the cloning.

At the bar that night, Nelle cozies up to her laptop, while Jackson and Ling start over with a dance. And off in a her comfy apartment, Ally rubs Larry's aching feet.

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