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#406 Schrille Nacht ['Tis The Season]

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Ally’s determined to infuse Larry with the Christmas spirit – even after she learns why he hates the holiday. Cage and Ling take on a “Santa suit.”

The crisp, cool air. The smell of pine. A Santa on every corner. ‘Tis the season and Ally couldn’t be happier. Unfortunately, Larry doesn’t share her enthusiasm. While tree shopping, he admits that he hates Christmas because he’s always alone. Ally is surprised, but quick to point out that he won’t be alone this year.

In the office, Cage is representing a local anchorman, Kendall Stevens. Kendall took it upon himself to make an on-air announcement that Santa Claus doesn’t exit. His station, WKGB, fired him amid an avalanche of viewer complaints. Now, Kendall is suing for wrongful termination. After all, he argues, isn’t reporting the news about telling the truth? And the truth is, the magic of Christmas is a lie. (Say it with me, “Bah, humbug!”)

Elsewhere, Elaine is particularly cranky – especially when it comes to watching Ally and Larry smooch in the office. She tells Ally that she’s happy for all the couples (uh-huh), but she’s also angry! The “stupid, smiling, sucky-face, happy pigs” are just constant reminders that she’s alone. Larry soothes Elaine’s ruffled feathers by offering to get her a singing gig at the bar.

Later, at dinner, Kimmy confesses to John that she loves men who sing. So naturally, John tells her he used to be in a band. She begs him to perform at the bar as her Christmas present. Pokip, pokip, pokip, okay. Across town, Ally shares her concerns about Larry’s aversion to Christmas. What if they want to have kids some day? Larry admits to Ally that he already has a kid, a 7-year-old son that he never sees. He’s ashamed that he’s been such an absentee father, and that only adds to his holiday malaise.

Back in the office, Mark tells Elaine that her obvious bid for attention makes her seem desperate. This from a man who “dates women with schlongs.” She says that when you haven’t had a boyfriend in seven years, you ARE desperate. Fish encourages John to keep the rock-star lie alive with Kimmy, but John decides to tell her the truth at lunch. Lunch includes Kimmy’s equally cavity-inducing mom, Lynnie (Special Guest: Marlo Thomas), who Kimmy always brings on dates. (Is this girl a freak, or what?) And both gals are so excited about John’s singing, that he can’t bring himself to tell them he’s the Milli Vanilli of the law firm.

When Ally tries to inspire Larry with a holiday theme song, he picks Joni Mitchell’s “The River,” not the most upbeat little ditty. (But it figures that he has a great voice.) Meanwhile, Richard and John rehearse…which convinces Richard that they’re gonna need some outside help. He enlists Nelle and Ling to beg the bar patrons to cheer wildly during John’s performance!

As for the “Santa suit,” WKGB’s star witness is an 8-year-old who was supposedly traumatized by Kendall’s broadcast. He turns on the waterworks, but is no match for Ling’s cross-examination. By the time she’s through, the kid has admitted that he always wondered how one guy could deliver all the toys in the world in one night, among other things. Nevertheless, she and John lose the case, which goes to show that you shouldn’t mess with Santa.

At the bar, Elaine’s cheesy “Tomorrow” number gets everyone singing along! Plus, Mark asks Elaine on a date (after confirming that she does not have a penis). The next night, John rocks the house in a Springsteen getup that not even Bruce Springsteen would be caught dead in. On cue, the bar erupts in wild applause. Kimmy and her mom are ecstatic. Afterwards, when Ally and Renee arrive back at their apartment, Ally gets an early Christmas surprise. There, underneath the tree, stands Larry. Together they sing “White Christmas” and prove that nothing can stop the magic of Christmas!

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